Ashford School FY 21 Budget – Approved May 28, 2020

Learning From Home Survey – Ashford School students or parents/guardians, please take a few minutes to complete our survey.  We are very interested in hearing your opinions and ideas.  Here is the link to the survey:


Message to Students from Mr. Hopkins – “I Think You Can” – May 26, 2020

More messages to Students from Mr. Hopkins

Important Information for Free Breakfast and Lunch for ALL students during school closing for COVID-19 Click Here

Community Health Center, Inc.’s School-Based Healthcare Program Letter

 FY 21 Ashford Board of Education Budget Presentation to the Ashford Board of Finance (02/20/2020)


Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Project Based Learning

Ashford School Profile 2019

Ashford is a small community in the northeast section of Connecticut, also known as the “Quiet Corner.” Our children have the opportunity to thrive in a school with grades PreK-8 in one building.

Vision Statement: Empowered Learners Striving for Positive Change

Mission Statement: Ashford School learners engage in authentic EXPERIENCES to DISCOVER their passions, STRIVE for excellence, CONNECT with their community and the world, and CONTRIBUTE in positive and meaningful ways.

To achieve our mission we utilize a project based learning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach.  STEAM is how we empower students to use all of their learning to think about the world, solve problems and show what they know, while developing a core set of skills that we refer to as Habits of Mind.  
Our motto is “We Optimize Learning For all” (WOLF).
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