Goals of the Ashford Board of Education

Curriculum: Ensure a Kindergarten to 8th grade curriculum that challenges students to use methods of inquiry to solve problems, think critically, and to express themselves creatively and effectively.

Financial: Develop a budget that ensures the best possible education while being fiscally responsible to taxpayers.

Culture: Foster an environment of physical and emotional health and wellness for all. Support a community that recognizes professional expertise and provides diverse opportunities that enhance teaching and learning.

Community Relations and Facilities: Provide opportunities for enhanced community engagement and serve as a leader for Ashford in enhancing energy efficiency, developing a maintenance and restoration plan that extends the school’s useful life and demonstrates environmental responsibility.

Ashford School Vision, Mission and Motto

Vision Statement: Empowered Learners Striving for Positive Change

Mission Statement: Ashford School learners engage in authentic EXPERIENCES to DISCOVER their passions, STRIVE for excellence, CONNECT with their community and the world, and CONTRIBUTE in positive and meaningful ways.

Motto: We Optimize Learning For (WOLF) All


  1. Continue to create, refine and document our project-based learning practices with a focus on key knowledge, understandings and skills from each subject area, technology integration, interdisciplinary themes, and real world connections
  2. Ensure that all students have ownership in creating and monitoring a unique set of instruction and assessment experiences, in the areas of academic, social, physical and behavioral learning, appropriate for them as individuals with varied strengths, readiness, interests, and motivations.
  3. Deliberately develop and measure the habits of mind found in our mission statement: autonomy, collaboration, communication (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), creativity, critical thinking, cultural competency, innovative problem solving, motivation to learn, perseverance, reflection, self-control, through all learning opportunities.
  4. Enhance the effectiveness and creativity of our collegial work and learning by connecting all work to the school mission, performing mindfulness practices, and increasing self-reflection and self-assessment among all staff.