The Ashford Board of Education supports Ashford School in providing high quality educational opportunities that empower learners to strive for positive change and in fostering an environment in which creativity, critical thinking, cultural competency, and innovative problem solving are central to learning.


The Ashford Board of Education, in partnership with Ashford School and the community, is committed to providing a safe and positive environment that encourages life-long learning and empowers students to succeed in their continued educational endeavors, Students will also discover their passions, strive for excellence, connect with their community and the world, and contribute in positive and meaningful ways.


CURRICULUM: Support an exceptional pre-school program and ensure a kindergarten to 8th grade curriculum that engages and challenges students to use methods of inquiry to solve problems, think critically, and to express themselves creatively and effectively.

FINANCE: Develop and monitor a budget that ensures the best possible education while being fiscally responsible to taxpayers.

CULTURE: Foster an environment of physical and emotional health and wellness for all. Support a community that recognizes professional expertise and provides diverse opportunities that enhance teaching and learning.

COMMUNITY RELATIONS: Provide enriching opportunities for community engagement, meaningful collaboration, and partnership with all stakeholders.

FACILITIES: Serve as a leader for Ashford in enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability, developing a maintenance and restoration plan that extends the school’s useful life, and in demonstrating environmental responsibility.

Adopted by the Ashford Board of Education December 1, 2022