Hello Ashford Community!

The Superintendent position is a shared job with being the Director of Pupil Services.  I have been a resident of Ashford since 2005 and have worked at the school since January of 2004, starting as a Special Education Teacher.  In 2012 I completed my 6th year in Educational Leadership as an intern Assistant Principal and then became the full time Assistant Principal in 2013.   In January of 2015 I stepped into the combined job of Assistant Principal and Director of Pupil Services, due to the death of our beloved Donna Hartigan.  Despite those being hard shoes to fill, I have continued to be the Director ever since.  During my time as Director, I did continue my education and earned my certification for Superintendent of Schools.  Ashford is my home and I love this community.  I have one child in Ashford School currently and one that graduated from E.O.Smith High School and is at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.  I am excited for the opportunity to to work together to continue moving Ashford School forward.  Feel free to reach out to me with questions.  My email is cford@ashfordct.org.  I believe in open communication.  My door is always open!

Cynthia Ford,  Superintendent/Director of Pupil Services

1-860-429-1927 ext 365, 363, Cell: 1-959-444-2020


Superintendent Goals 2023/2024

CURRICULUMDuring the School year of 2023/2024, the Superintendent will improve teaching and learning by providing the necessary trainings for any new programs, educating the families on the new programs via presentations and or newsletters.  One measure of the success in the new programs will be to increase overall student SBAC scores of students in the green(grade level) and blue (above) from 43% to 48% in Math and in reading they will increase from 56% to 61% Another measure of success will be decreasing the number of students scoring in the red for intervention in the areas of both math and reading. 

FINANCE: Ongoing budget update during the school year 2023/2024, the Superintendent will provide end of the month expenses with a highlight on any changes during the month.  The Superintendent will closely monitor status of the working budget and will ensure to make every effort to stay within the appropriated town budget for the BOE.

CULTURE: During the school year 2023/2024, the Superintendent will continue to work on the overall school climate of the staff.  Monthly meetings will be set up with both the teachers union and the non-certified union representatives to ensure members concerns are being addressed on a regular basis.  The administrative team will be plan at least two staff appreciation activities throughout the school year. 

Community Relations and Facilities:  During the 2023/2024 school year the Superintendent will work continue to provide open communication with the community and working collaboratively with the Board of Selectman in providing a quality after school care program.  The Superintendent will also be an active participant on the Building Committee and Capital Improvement Committee.