The Ashford Board of Education will destroy the special education confidential records of students who have either graduated or were dismissed from special education services, with birth dates of January 1, 1996 through December 31, 1997 and/or any special education confidential documents as permitted by law for the period of July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2011.  Written notification will be mailed to the students’ last known address.

This destruction is permitted by Connecticut state law. Confidential records include referral to special services, PPT-IEP records, speech/language testing and reports, psychological testing and reports, and correspondence with other agencies related to special education or special services. These records may be needed in the future for Social Security benefits or other purposes. Anyone wishing to obtain confidential student records must call the Ashford Board of Education, Special Education and Pupil Services Department at 860-429-1927, before August 30, 2023.

Records will be destroyed after October 1,  2023.

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