An Introduction

Welcome To The Superintendent’s CornerJPL Portrait

Welcome to my forum on the Ashford School web site. I will be using this space to post articles, as well as other information relative to my position as superintendent.

I am providing this section of the web site to offer insight into my leadership, vision, and some of the more interesting matters that I deal with in my office. Because this is meant as a way to communicate with you, I ask that you feel free to e-mail me or call me if you have any suggestions for material that I could post on the site; or if you have any problems, opinions, ideas, questions, or concerns regarding the school that you would like me to address or discuss.

First, a little about my background, I began as a middle school art teacher for thirteen years in West Haven. I followed that with seven years of district administration as West Haven’s curriculum coordinator for art, music, and physical education. I left West Haven after twenty years to accept a district level administration position in Stamford. In Stamford I spent five years as district-wide curriculum coordinator for art, music, science, mathematics, and physical education, and five years as a middle school assistant principal. I left Stamford after ten years to become principal in Franklin, at Franklin Elementary School. During that time I also worked as a consultant in Hartford helping to set up their magnet school in The Learning Corridor. After eight years in Franklin as both principal and assistant superintendent, I came to Ashford to become your superintendent. I began in Ashford in January of 2009.

Another aspect of my experience in education is the Doctorate earned in 1985 at Columbia University in New York City. Also, from 1985 on I have been an adjunct professor at both UCONN and Southern Connecticut, as well as an administrator at The Graduate Institute, which is a progressive graduate school for health care professionals and teachers. I have since retired from my part-time university teaching positions.

During my years at Ashford I have focused upon several matters simultaneously. I have been working to modernize and expand the curriculum, add programs, and generally refine the education that is offered to your children. At the same time I have been expanding our use of technology, purchasing new books, and building the supplies and resources available to the faculty. Along with these improvements to the way we provide your children with a quality learning experience, I have devoted considerable energy to making the facility and grounds more welcoming and safe. I believe that a clean, modern, and safe environment is an important contributor to a child’s sense of the importance of what he or she is part of.

My role as a superintendent is unique and very different than the roles of anyone else at Ashford School. I must provide a vision, formulate district goals, be the liaison to the Board of Education, provide leadership from behind the scenes, and run the day-to-day operation from the budget to the management of the buses and the staff. It is a terrific job, one that I thoroughly enjoy and do with enthusiasm.

Hopefully this short look at my resume helps you to understand where I am coming from, and how I see my responsibility as your Superintendent. I welcome you to call or email me at any time. I do answer calls and respond to emails in a timely fashion, and I will take your counsel seriously. My e-mail is, and my phone is 860-429-1927 ext. 365.

You will find a good deal of information about the school in the Superintendent’s Corner of the web site, including articles that I have written, news articles, and other interesting materials about the school that I will add to periodically.

Thank you for your interest.

Dr. James P. Longo