Board of Education Membership

Any communication to a BOE member may be shared with the superintendent and could become a public record.

John E. Lippert  Chairperson
Marian K. Matthews  Vice-Chairperson
Tess Grous  Secretary
Tina Fradette  Member
Kim Kouatly  Member
Al Maccarone  Member
Jane M. Urban  Member


Building & Grounds
Curriculum Advisory
Long Term Planning
Policy All Members
All officer appointments and committee assignments are for a term of two years.  If there is an officer or committee resignation, the Board will appoint another member to fulfill the remaining term.
Agendas & Minutes E-Mailed to:

BOE Members; School& District Administrators; Town Clerk, First Selectman, Selectman’s secretary; town webmaster; Board of Finance; AEA co-presidents; MEUI president and area representative, and any other persons that have requested receipt of these materials.

If you wish to receive electronic copies of the Board’s agendas and/or minutes, please send a request to be added to our mailing list to

The Ashford Board of Education encourages and welcomes your interest and participation!