Board of Education Membership

John E. Lippert  Chairperson
Marian K. Matthews  Vice-Chairperson
Kay M. Warren  Secretary
John B. Calarese  Member
Lisa McAdam Donegan  Member
Shannon L. Gamache  Member
Jane M. Urban  Member


Building & Grounds John Calarese, Lisa McAdam Donegan, Marian Matthews
Cafeteria Shannon Gamache, Marian Matthews, Kay Warren
Curriculum Advisory Shannon Gamache, Marian Matthews
Finance John Lippert, Jane Urban
Long Term Planning John Lippert, Marian Matthews, John Calarese (alt.)
Personnel Lisa McAdam Donegan, Jane Urban, Kay Warren
Policy All Members
Transportation John Calarese, Shannon Gamache, Kay Warren
All officer appointments and committee assignments are for a term of two years.  If there is an officer or committee resignation, the Board will appoint another member to fulfill the remaining term.
Agendas & Minutes E-Mailed to:

BOE Members; School& District Administrators; Town Clerk, First Selectman, Selectman’s secretary; town webmaster; Board of Finance; AEA co-presidents; MEUI president and area representative, and any other persons that have requested receipt of these materials.

If you wish to receive electronic copies of the Board’s agendas and/or minutes, please send a request to be added to our mailing list to

The Ashford Board of Education encourages and welcomes your interest and participation!