Summer Work 2018

We are asking students to complete a few tasks regarding reading, writing, and math over the summer!

The reading requirement includes 2 parts:

  1. Students will read books and keep a record on the Summer Reading Journal (click).
          Suggested Reading Lists
          Grade K – Grade 2
          Grade 3 – Grade 4
          Grade 7 – Grade 8
          Grade 9 – Grade 12
  1. Poster Book Project – Students will choose one book from their reading logs and create a poster according the instructions for the grade level.

          entering grades 1 and 2       entering grades 3, 4, 5      entering grades 6, 7, 8

3. The math suggestion involves earning badges in the Commissioner’s Summer Math Challenge.

Math Log

You can find a copy of this log and a link to register for the online math activities on our webpage.  You can also go directly to the math activities at

Useful links and ideas to practice your skills over the summer:


Reinforce Math Skills with Everyday Activities

Prodigy – Free Curriculum Aligned Math Game

TenMarks Free Math Summer Program (requires parent registration)

Free Summer Math Challenge (requires parent registration)


Free Rice – Use this great site for reviewing vocabulary and helping others!  Change challenge levels and/or subject areas

Reading Links

Pizza Hut Book It! Earn free stuff by reading!


Sight Word Practice

First Grade Words (pg 1)

First Grade Words (pg 2)

First Grade Words (pg 3)

Flash Cards First Grade (pg 1)

Flash Cards First Grade (pg 2)

Flash Cards First Grade (pg 3)

Second Grade Words

Flash Cards Second Grade

Third Grade Words

Flash Cards Third Grade

Social Studies

Social Studies is more than just history!
Have fun exploring geography, societies, and religions this summer.

Social Studies for Kids

Consider historic sites when planning day trips. There are many great local sites. Visit Connecticut Tourism: “Connecticut – Still Revolutionary”

A goal for students in social studies is to locate the fifty states on a map of the United States.
Students in grades four through eight should be able to name the states and their respective capitals.  Start with New England.

Use a road map to highlight family trips and outings during the summer.
Compare two newspaper accounts of the same story.
Have your child interview a family member from a different generation.
Visit a new museum.
Take your child to work for a day.
Graph prices in the grocery store and research why prices have gone up or down.
Compare a documentary or non-fiction book with a movie that deals with the same subject.
Write and send a letter to the editor in response to a newspaper article.
Visit an elected official.
Spend a day viewing court trials.
Choose historical fiction, biographies, and books about world cultures.



Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6