August 11, 2017

The 2017-2018 Ashford Bus Routes are posted below.  Please note that these routes are subject to change at any time and were created with the most current data available at time of publication.  As always, we ask that you allow at least a 5 minute window from the estimated pick up time that is shown.  If your child(ren) are enrolled in daycare, please be sure to share this information with your child’s homeroom teacher, or the school office, as soon as possible.

Ashford School does not publish drop off times in the afternoon for reasons of safety.  If you need to know what time your child(ren) will be dropped off in the afternoon, we suggest that you call the Transportation Coordinator or speak to your child’s bus driver.

Changes that occur to contact numbers need to be reported as they happen, if we need to reach out to you, it is imperative that we have a valid phone number! This is especially critical in the case of students in grades PK-3 who are not met at the bus stop by a parent or responsible person, and for students who miss the afternoon bus.   Students enrolled in grades PK-3 will be returned to the school office in the event there is no adult or responsible party to greet the bus.  The bus driver must follow their route to deliver all students home in safe and timely manner, and they cannot wait at stops without falling behind schedule, and in some cases, causing traffic to back up.

Any questions or concerns related to bus routes may be directed to the Transportation Coordinator at 860-429-1927×370.
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Ashford School 2017-2018
PreK 2017-2018  Preliminary
E.O.Smith 2017-2018
 Windham and Ellis Tech 2017-2018