Welcome to the 5-8 Classrooms

Grade 5 Grade 6
 Science Mrs. Burnham Math Ms. Compton
Science Mrs. Knotts
 Writing Mr. Hills Writing Mrs. Parisen
 Spanish  Ms. Aubrey  Spanish Ms. Aubrey
Grade 7/8
Math Mrs. Backhaus
Social Studies Mr. Caldwell
LA Mrs. Lindsay
Science Ms. Manfre
Spanish Ms. Rhubin
SPED 5/6 Mrs. Courtright
SPED 7/8 Mr. Moore
SLP Ms. Vasington
OT Ms. Fesenmeyer
PT Mrs. Simko
SPED CORR Mrs. Knecht  
Reading Specialist Ms. Cunningham
Specials Area:
Art Ms. Boulanger
Instrumental Mrs. Cappoziello
PE/Health Miss Noheimer
PE/Health Mr. Gillotti
Robotics  Ms. Imhoff